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Orange Park Dental Implants – Tooth Replacement Options with Matthew Nawrocki DMD, MS

July 24, 2014

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1. What happens if a person loses a tooth or several teeth and doesn’t get them replaced?

When a person loses a tooth or several teeth, there are several negative outcomes that typically follow. The most obvious one being a decreased ability to eat and chew their foods. This in turn can lead to an alteration in one’s diet and subsequently to poorer nutrition and overall health. Losing teeth also negatively impacts how we speak. As people lose teeth, it often leads to embarrassment, insecurity and loss of self confidence. One thing that people may not know is that tooth loss often leads to bone loss in the jaw which can subsequently cause a change in facial features.

2. What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a man made replacement for missing teeth. Dental implants are made of titanium and are readily accepted by bone. The process of bone fusing to the surface of an implant is called osseointegration. More recent studies show that implants have a greater than 95% success rate after 10 years. There are three basic components when replacing with a tooth with a dental implant.. These components include the implant, the abutment and the crown. Dental implants replicate natural teeth as demonstrated by the next diagram.

3. What are my dental implant options for replacing my teeth?

Depending on your particular situation, dental implants may be a good option to replace one, several, or all missing teeth. Some people are currently wearing upper and/or lower complete dentures and notice that it is difficult to eat and function and can sometimes have implants adapted to their existing dentures as well. This, of course, depends upon the existing dentures being in good standing. The benefits of an implant for a single tooth replacement allows for a more conservative treatment by not putting crowns on the adjacent teeth that may otherwise not need treatment.

For some people who are missing their back teeth or are currently wearing partial dentures, implants can be used to replace these teeth and eliminate a removable appliance making function, comfort, and esthetics much better. For those that are missing all of their teeth and wearing complete dentures or find that their existing teeth are beyond restoration, replacement of all of their teeth may be an option. This can either be a fixed permanent solution or a removable solution with the aid of implants. We encourage you to visit the Hybridge website to see what amazing things can be done with dental implants.   In addition, this video discusses who is a candidate for Hybridge Implants.

4. Are dental implants covered by dental insurance?

Everyone’s dental insurance varies from coverage to amount so it is important for you to call your insurance company and ask if you have dental implant coverage. Some people have a missing tooth clause that does not give them implant coverage so it is important that you find that out. We will do everything we can to advocate for you to ensure that you get your maximal benefits from your insurance company.

Orange Park Dentist Matthew Nawrocki DMD, MS is dedicated to supplying the residents of Orange Park and surrounding communities with excellent oral health education. We strongly feel that the more armed you are with information the better chance you have at avoiding costly treatment. If you would like any more information from us at any time, contact us!

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