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The FAQ Dental Quiz: How Many Questions Can You Get Correct?

August 10, 2015

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In addition to our dental care, we at Matthew Nawrocki DMD, MS are dedicated to educating the public about oral health topics and dentistry. Our blog serves as a venue for this education. This week we will take a break from delivering information and give a fun quiz. This quiz is based mainly on frequently asked questions from our patients. We hope you enjoy and score well!


1.   What is TMJ?

a. Jaw pain

b. Headache pain caused from the teeth

c. The jaw joint

d. Tooth/Muscles/Jaw Joint

2.   Do Root Canals Hurt?

a. Always

b. Most of the time

c. Not normally

3.   How Should I Brush My Teeth?

a. Small circles

b. Up and down

c. Back and forth

d. Does not matter

4.   How Often Should I Replace My Toothbrush?

a. After every time you are sick

b. Every 2 to 3 months

c. Every 6 months

d. Once per year

5.   What is a Crown?

a. The visible portion of the tooth in the mouth

b. A “cap” placed over damaged teeth

c. The replacement tooth placed on an implant and abutment

d. All of the above

6.   Do I Really Need to Floss?

a. Yes

b. No

7.   A Small Amount of Bleeding During Brushing is Normal?

a. True

b. False

8.   When Should a Child First Be Brought to the Dentist?

a. At one year of age

b. At sign of first tooth

c. Right after birth

d. Once all baby teeth fall out


  1. c. This is a common source of confusion. Many patients have heard people state that they have “TMJ”. What is meant by that normally is that they have some sort of dysfunction with their jaw joint. The fact is that the TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. This is our jaw joint and we all have two of them. This is a beautifully complex joint that has important functions for chewing, speaking, and even smiling.
  1. c. The fact is that the field of endodontics (root canals) has made wonderful strides in recent decades and a root canal normally is not a painful procedure. The root canal often brings about feelings of fear with patients and those feelings are often unwarranted. Misinformation and dentistry of the older days is generally the culprit.
  1. a. What we have found is that most people have been taught to brush their teeth from their parents who were taught by their parents and so on. This often results in improper brushing techniques. According to research, the most effective method to brush is small circles with the toothbrush aimed at a 45 degree angle between the teeth and the gums. This has been shown to reduce the amount of plaque optimally.
  1. b. While there certainly are times when a toothbrush should be changed earlier or later than this, two to three months is the rule of thumb. If the bristles begin to splay excessively before that, it would be optimal to replace the brush.
  1. d. The fact is that these are still not all of the ways in which the word “crown” is used!
  1. a. You can certainly find a host of internet sources that say you don’t need to floss. In addition, you could probably drum up a friend or relative that has never flossed and has never had dental problems. However, the fact is that flossing is extremely beneficial and protective. If you would like to read the details about this, feel free to visit our past blog entitled “Do You Really Need to Floss”.
  1. b. The fact is that bleeding is one of the best markers of gum disease. For more info, feel free to read our blog post entitled “Are Your Gums Healthy? How to Tell if You Have Gum Disease”.
  1. a. The American Dental Association as well as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both recommend “first visit by first birthday”. This allows the dentist to begin forming a relationship with the child as well as screening for any potential future problems.

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