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Hybrid Dentures: A Fixed Replacement For Missing Teeth

September 21, 2015

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We are here today to teach you about a relatively new technology that has been developed to replace your missing teeth—hybrid dentures. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, there are more than 35 million Americans who do not have any teeth at all and this number is expected to increase over the next twenty years. Are you missing all of your teeth and looking to have dentures made? Or are you unhappy with the fit and feel of your current dentures? Many people are unsatisfied with the fit or function of their dentures and are searching for a better solution. Hybrid dentures are an excellent replacement for complete dentures and patients are usually extremely happy with the results after having hybrid dentures created. If you would like to learn more about hybrid dentures, please visit the link and continue to read this blog post. Here at Matthew Nawrocki General Dentistry and Prosthodontics, we are dedicated to patient education and our blog is one way that we update our patients on the newest technological advances in the field of dentistry. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact us at any time electronically or call (904)602-8396.

What Treatment Options are Available for Edentulism?

Edentulism is the condition of being completely toothless. Edentulism is usually caused by caries, periodontal or gum disease, or some sort of trauma or surgery. Replacing missing teeth can benefit your appearance and your health. It may also help you to speak better. When you lose all of your teeth, your facial muscles are unsupported and may sag and cause you to look older. There are three types of replacements for total edentulism—conventional dentures, overdentures, and hybrid dentures. Conventional dentures are the most commonly made dentures. They are designed to sit on top of your top and bottom gums and are held in by your facial muscles and tissues. Often times, these do not fit very well or stay in the mouth very well so messy denture adhesive must be used. Another type of dentures that are commonly made is called overdentures. These dentures snap on and off of implants that are placed at various locations along the top and bottom jaws. These are held in the mouth by the implants so they are more functional and comfortable than traditional dentures. These are still taken in and out of the mouth at night time. Many patients are looking for a more permanent solution to replace their teeth.

Why Are Many Adults Unhappy with Removable Complete Dentures?

Some adults are unhappy with conventional dentures or overdentures when they are made. Conventional dentures slip and slide a lot in the mouth because they are totally supported by soft tissue. This instability can lead to difficulties with eating and speaking. These dentures also lie on top of soft tissue that has hard bone beneath it. This can cause sort spots on the gums from the friction of the denture rubbing against the tissue. Additionally, it is difficult to make conventional dentures that fit perfectly and messy denture adhesives have to be used a lot. Although overdentures that are held on by implants solve some of these problems, they do not solve them all. Many adults are simply uncomfortable with having to “remove their teeth” every night. With hybrid dentures, also called hybridges, a more permanent solution is obtained.

Hybrid Dentures May Offer A Better Solution!

The Hybridge dental implant system is a prosthetic device that resembles traditional dentures. Hybridge devices, however, are designed to be a fixed and permanent replacement for missing teeth. With this solution, all of the missing teeth are replaced by five or six dental implants. Hybridge is made out of a base of very strong cobalt chromium metal material. Resin teeth and pink acrylic are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth and gums. Because the hybridge is held by implants, your jawbone is better able to feel and manipulate the prosthesis. Only very qualified dentists and surgeons have been approved to offer treatment with the hybridge system and dental implants. This ensures that meticulous care is provided and that your treatment will be successful. A hybridge is never removed from the mouth by the patient. In order to properly clean the hybridge and the implants that surround it, the patient must visit the dental office regularly for professional cleanings. Every three to four months, the hybridge is removed and sterilized and the implants are cleaned extensively by the dental hygienist. Patients who have been treated with dental implants and hybrid dentures are extremely happy with the results.

If you live in or around the Orange Park area and have questions about Hybridge, hybrid dentures, implants, or any other type of dentures, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation. We encourage you to contact us at anytime electronically or call (904)602-8396.

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