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Top 5 Health Benefits of Dental Implants in Orange Park

April 27, 2017

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Dental implants in Orange Park are a complete answer to missing teeth. Did you know that tooth loss causes your jawbone to weaken and lose its shape? Missing teeth also make it more difficult to maintain a balanced, nutritious diet, which can have a broader impact on your overall health. If you are already missing or on the brink of losing one, two, or many teeth, dental implants in Orange Park are the only replacement that mimics your natural tooth structure — and the health benefits are considerable. We’ve listed the top five below.

#1: A Fuller, Healthier Jawbone

Dental implants are made of titanium, a material that fuses with bone tissue. Once they have been placed beneath the gum line, dental implants grow together with your jaw over a period of three to six months. The result? A super sturdy, strong tooth replacement — and a healthier jaw, too. With the comprehensive solution, your body is sort of tricked into thinking the natural teeth are still there, so your jaw receives all of the nutrients that keep the bone full and healthy. People who replace their teeth with dental implants do not develop that sunken look we associate with tooth loss and older age.

#2: Eat a Nutritious, Varied Diet

Missing teeth can make it difficult to bite into and chew your favorite foods, and people who have gaps in the gum line are likely to avoid the crunchy, nutritious foods that promote good health. Many even stick to a soft, bland diet — and the effects of this inadequate nutrition are far-reaching. Additionally, traditional denture wearers have long reported a reduction in flavor sensation. But with dental implants, you can continue to eat (and taste!) all of your favorite, healthful foods.

#3: Stronger Self-Esteem

Because dental implants are completely sturdy and look just like your natural teeth, you can enjoy total self-confidence with your new tooth replacement. Denture wearers may have to live with the stress or worry that their teeth will slip or slide around as they eat or laugh, or they may also worry that their teeth don’t really look all that natural. With dental implants, your teeth look and function so well that no one will be any the wiser.

#4: A Perfect Fit

Loose or ill-fitting dentures are highly uncomfortable. They often rub painful sores or blisters into the soft tissues of the mouth, places that may be slow to heal with constant irritation. These sores leave your mouth vulnerable to infection. But because dental implants fit just like they should from day one, on, you’ll never have to worry about slippage or painful sore spots.

#5: Easier Speech

It’s not easy to speak around gaps in the teeth, and dentures may also make it more difficult to say some words. Lisps or whistles may appear where you are least expecting them. But dental implants fit securely, just like your natural teeth — so you can continue to speak with total confidence.

Let’s Discuss Dental Implants!

If you are interested in learning whether or not you are eligible for dental implants, contact Dr. Nawrocki’s office today! Your dentist in Orange Park can’t wait to help you enjoy the benefits of the comprehensive tooth replacement. Book an appointment online!

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