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Dental Implants in Orange Park

There’s no better way to replace one or more missing teeth than with dental implants. Tiny titanium posts, these device fully integrate with the jawbone to form one solid unit in the mouth. That process, known as osseointegration, provides unsurpassed stability and the good continued oral health everyone needs. Dental implants can support a crown for single-tooth replacement, or fixed bridges and dentures for multiple missing teeth.

Are you in need of excellent restorative dental care in Orange Park? If so, don’t wait to contact the office of Dr. Nawrocki. He and his whole team of experts can help you enjoy the benefits of renewed dental health with one of our top services in restorative dentistry. Contact us today!

Implant Placement

As a trained prosthodontist, Dr. Nawrocki is highly capable of placing dental implants. It’s a technical process that requires an expert hand. In eligible patients, dental implant procedures have a success rate of more than 95 percent.

Dental implant placement involves the precise positioning of one or more dental implants beneath the gum line. Dr. Nawrocki will examine the extent of your tooth loss to determine an appropriate treatment plan. The procedure is performed from the comfort of our office under local anesthesia. Sedation is available for patients who would like additional relaxation. After the procedure is complete, the recovery period begins. Over a period of three to eight months, depending on the location of the dental implant(s) and the health of your jawbone, the dental implant fuses together with the bone to provide the ultimate in stability for the tooth replacement that will be affixed on top.

Implant–Retained Crowns & Bridges

Orange Park Dental Implants Model of crownsImplant-retained crowns and bridges are an effective replacement option after the loss of one, two, or several teeth in a row. A single missing tooth is replaced by a dental crown without affecting the health and structure of the surrounding teeth, which is necessary with a traditional dental bridge. A removable bridge replaces several missing teeth while keeping the surrounding teeth intact.

A crown or bridge retained by dental implants provides a number of advantages, including:

  • Better oral health with a stabilized jawbone
  • More conservative treatment option leaving healthy teeth intact
  • Surrounding teeth do not drift out of place
  • Natural-looking and feeling option
  • Long-lasting solution

A crown retained by a dental implant is fixed and cannot be removed for cleaning. It’s so natural that you may forget it’s not your real tooth. The implant-retained bridge may be removable or fixed, depending on your treatment plan. 

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Implant-Retained Prosthetics

Life is difficult when dentures don’t fit just the way they should. Ill-fitting, loose, or uncomfortable prosthetics make it difficult to eat and speak with full confidence. Fortunately, dental implants can retain dentures for properly functioning, attractive smiles when all teeth have been lost in the upper or lower jaw. Don’t worry that you will need an individual implant for every single missing teeth -- hat would be highly invasive and expensive. Instead, Dr. Nawrocki will build a treatment plan that supports a full prosthetic on as few dental implants as possible.

The benefits of an implant-retained prosthetic are many, and include:

  • Freedom from denture adhesives
  • No stress that a denture will slip around or fall out
  • Eat all of your favorite foods — even fresh apples or corn on the cob
  • Enjoy a fuller facial appearance with better oral health
  • No need for costly, time-consuming replacements or relines


Model of Hybridge dentures on dental implantsAre you tired of slipping and sliding dentures, treating the same teeth repeatedly, or do you have multiple missing teeth? In many circumstances, the Hybridge dental implant system can remedy all of these problems. Orange Park general dentist and prosthodontist, Matthew Nawrocki DMD, MS, is proud to offer Hybridge treatment for the residents of Orange Park and the surrounding communities.

Hybridge is a prosthesis that resembles dentures or a bridge that permanently replaces missing teeth. Traditional dentures have been the standard of care for years for patients that are missing all of their upper or lower teeth or patients that require the existing teeth to be removed. While dentures are still used frequently in dentistry today, they do have certain drawbacks. Dentures slip and slide in the mouth. This can make speaking and eating more difficult. In addition, dentures are retained in the mouth by the soft tissues that lie over the bone. The result of this is that there seems to be no way back to teeth that feel and function naturally. Gum tissue can become sore from the pressures administered from dentures.  

Hybridge solves these problems with the use of implants. Hybridge dental implant systems replace all of the upper and/or lower teeth. They are permanently supported by five or six dental implants. This restores a much higher level of form and function than what could previously be achieved. Hybridge is made of a strong chrome cobalt metal material with resin teeth and pink acrylic. This gives the system tremendous strength as well as the look of natural healthy teeth.

What are the Benefits of Hybridge?

Hybridge is a permanent treatment. Most dental treatments have a limited lifespan. Hybridge implant systems allow you to end the cycle of multiple treatments for the same problem.

The jawbone requires stimulation in order maintain it’s structural integrity. Due to the implant involved, Hybridge will provide this stimulation and ensure that the support involved is maintained.

Hybridge allows the patient to avoid the difficulties with soft tissue support that dentures rely on. This allows for a stable replacement for teeth that does not interfere with the health of the soft tissues in the mouth.

Only qualified dentists and surgeons have been approved to provide Hybridge treatments. This ensures that a meticulous and successful treatment is provided.